Why UII Pharmacy

Pharmacy Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UII was founded in 1998. Currently, it has developed very well. Supported by established management from the Islamic University of Indonesia and obtaining A Accreditation for the institution. Pharmacy UII aims to produce qualified and Islamic pharmacy graduates for the improvement of health services. As well as being creative in creating pharmaceutical jobs and being able to compete in the global market through scientific and professional education.


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Pharmacy UII as a reference in the development of pharmaceutical science at the national level and is able to take part at the global level and produce graduates with sufficient abilities to carry out pharmaceutical work in accordance with the work field based on noble character and oriented to the benefit of the community.

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Department of Pharmacy

Fakultas MIPA
Universitas Islam Indonesia
Jl Kaliurang KM 14,5 Sleman DIY
Telp: 0274-895920, 896439 Ext. 3022, 3049
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