PIO UII is a study center that is the flagship of UII Pharmacy. Many activities have been running since its inception until now, such as health education and free medical treatment. In addition, PIO UII actively participates in events related to the health sector such as health seminars and other activities such as PIO On The Road “National Health Day Commemoration” and PIO’s Corner.

The activity, which is currently ongoing, broadcasts on UNISI 104.5 FM radio regularly every Tuesday at 15.00. The theme of the event was DRUGS OBAT KITA. At the event the listeners were free to ask questions about health-related matters and medicines via telephone or SMS, with regular speakers namely Yulianto, S.Farm, Apt., Who is better known as Sukir who is a young pharmacist who graduated from UII. is a UII Pharmacy lecturer who is active in the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) Yogyakarta and currently serves as Director of PIO. PIO is an organization in the field of Drug Information Services which is structurally under the Department of Pharmacy with a lecturer as the director of PIO.

The interaction of lecturers and students in PIO activities can be seen from the intensity of broadcasts on the radio every week, youth pharmacist events which are held every year, and counseling on medicine and making brochures / leaflets on diseases / drugs according to the agreed topic.