Pharmaceutical drugs that are used by the wider community today, of course, go through various stages of activity testing, passing a series of tests that can empirically prove the ability of drugs to affect or change the function of human systems. Pharmacology is the study of how drugs affect the functioning of living systems, with pharmacology the effectiveness and safety of a medicinal substance.

The pharmacology laboratory of the Department of Pharmacy, Islamic University of Indonesia, equips students in the field of pharmacology to assess the effectiveness and safety of a product by conducting practical tests on the activity and safety of medicinal compounds, both synthetic and herbal, in test animals such as rats and rabbits. In addition, students also study pharmaceutical pharmacokinetics, the journey of drugs after being given into the body experiences absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion, with pharmacokinetics, it can be seen the course of drugs in the body and their effects.

Knowledge of pharmacology and pharmacokinetics supports to produce competent graduates who can compete in the pharmaceutical field. Currently the pharmacology laboratory is also equipped with a pre-clinical testing laboratory, not only using rats and rabbits but also zebra fish which are currently being developed in collaboration with IIUM Malaysia as a form of the pharmacy department’s commitment to excellence in the field of learning and research primarily in the field of pharmacology.