Medicinal ingredients are produced not only from synthesis, with Indonesia’s biodiversity having considerable potential in the development of internal medicinal ingredients obtained from natural ingredients. The Department of Pharmacy continues to develop research based on natural ingredients. Inspired by herbs that have been used by previous generations.

The Department of Pharmacy has a herbal medicine study center (PSOH), which has the aim of conducting research in the field of medicinal ingredients derived from herbs, not only from herbs but also from the Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah, using herbal ingredients for treatment by completing empirical studies based on scientific evidence laboratory testing.

The market for herbal medicines and phyto-pharmacy in Indonesia is quite large, the demand for quality and quality of medicines is very high, therefore the pharmacy department equips students with the ability to identify active plant ingredients, develop formulas and standardize herbal active ingredients. Pharmacy students in identifying, developing and researching medicinal ingredients are equipped with practicum related to testing active compounds and their identification in pharmaceutical biology laboratories.

Research in the field of natural materials requires sophisticated and adequate instruments. The tools owned by the pharmaceutical laboratory include TLC Scanner, Semi Preparative HPLC, Spray Dryer, Freeze Dryer and other supporting instruments that support the search for active compounds in plants.