Indonesia has high biodiversity, many plants in Indonesia are empirically proven to have healing activities for various diseases. The history of herbal medicine in Indonesia is evidence of the use of natural ingredients derived from plants that have been used from time immemorial. This is the background for the Department of Pharmacy to develop a laboratory for medicinal plants.

One of the great local geniuses of the Pharmacy Department is research in the field of natural ingredients derived from plants that have been widely used from generation to generation from generation to generation. Not only herbal medicine, prophetic medicine is also a research development concern of the Department of Pharmacy. The Department of Pharmacy established the Center for the Study of Herbal Medicine (PSOH) as a unit that plays a role in the development of herbal medicines. PSOH with the Medicinal Plants Garden laboratory has a collection of thousands of plants, this collection can be seen and enjoyed not far from the FMIPA Building. This collection is used in the student learning process so that they can get to know native Indonesian plants that have medicinal properties.