A laboratory that is certified and complies with international standards is a commitment of the pharmacy department. Quality is always designed and implemented in every aspect of the laboratory. The validity of data that can be accounted for is a form of responsibility for integrity values ​​in the field of laboratory testing which must be maintained. The campus with its academic culture continues to seriously maintain these noble values. Laboratory quality assurance as a reference is ISO 17025 certification, in order to create a competent and valid testing laboratory.

The Drug, Food and Cosmetics Testing Laboratory (LPOMK) which is owned by the Department of Pharmacy has received ISO 17025 accreditation in 2013, and has set a record as the first private university institution to achieve this.

It is hoped that the LPOMK laboratory can fulfill the needs of research and testing data both from inside and outside of UII. It is proven that every year, LPOMK laboratory customers continue to increase. Thousands of samples are received by the LPOMK laboratory every year, a proof of increasing customer trust and a driving force for us to always continue to improve service quality and add testing parameters that we cannot currently fulfill. It is our hope that we can continue to develop by completing more adequate laboratory equipment and adding testing parameters so that we can continue to be present as a pioneer and reliable in testing food medicines and cosmetics.

Test data in the LPOMK laboratory, including thesis, thesis and dissertation research data from various tertiary institutions throughout Indonesia. Not only serving customers from higher education institutions, but also from government institutions and companies. One of the data needed from companies and industries is a complement to registration data and product safety, in the form of herbal products, herbal medicines and cosmetics. One of them is the microbiological parameters, including the Yeast Mold Rate (AKK) and the Total Plate Rate (ALT).

The pharmacy department laboratory always strives to make quality-oriented development. We always maintain and strive to implement the implementation of laboratory certification as a commitment of the pharmacy department to the values ​​of academic integrity. Realizing the vision and mission of the Department of Pharmacy and the Islamic University of Indonesia in terms of academic excellence and Islamic values.