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Department of Pharmacy

Alumni Testimonial

Apt. Achmad Fitriyanto 9/02/2021

Production Manager of the Pharmaceutical Industry - PKPA Industrial Advisory Lecturer
“It is an honor to be able to receive an education at UII which is trustworthy and professional as one of the best university Indonesia”

Singgih Prabowo Adi, S.Farm., Apt., MM 2/20/2021

Head of the POM Office-Belitung Regency
“Studying here is very exciting, the lecturers and fellow students as well as campus facilities are very supportive for the development of knowledge and personal character. Perfect place for preparing for the future”

apt. Sri Purwaningsih, S. Farm 8/23/2021

Pharmacist Responsible for Pharmacy Distribution-PT. Tirta Husada Farma
“UII Pharmacy is Great, Innovation and SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound).”

Wahyuni Shalatan Fitri, S.Farm 11/22/2021

LPDP Scholarship recipients
I feel blessed that I have studied at the Pharmacy study program UII. I gained not only professional knowledge but also wisdom. The lecture and staff significantly inspired me to be a person with value and a willingness to learn continuously.